‘Me lo pasé muy bien hablando en #TijuanaInnovadora ayer! Gracias a todos los que vinieron. ✌️ I had a great time speaking at #TI2014 yesterday! Thank you for having me, and to everyone who came out. 🐾

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I want to stress that β€œfeeling sorry” for a dog is not doing that dog a favor. It is actually hurting her chances of becoming balanced in the future. Dogs need leadership before they need love. Let love reward balance. That’s how balance is maintained.

We’re about to head out on #tour again! Find all of my upcoming US tour dates below, with more information and tickets at www.cesarsway.com/cesar-millan-live βœŒοΈπŸ‘‡ #CesarMillanLive

Red Bank NJ – Oct 16
Waterbury CT – Oct 17
Tarrytown NY – Nov 14
Schenectady NY – Nov 15
Glenside PA – Nov 16
Modesto CA – Mar 6
Chandler AZ – Mar 7
Sarasota FL – Mar 26
Fort Lauderdale FL – Mar 27
Naples FL – Mar 30
Lakeland FL – Mar 31
West Palm Beach FL – Apr 1
Bethlehem PA – Apr 17
Lancaster PA – Apr 18
Queens NY – Apr 19

I’ve noticed that my clients often interpret the words ‘happiness’ and ‘excitement’ as the same thing: “She’s just happy to see me!” The two aren’t the same. A happy dog is alert; her ears are up, her head is up, and her tail is wagging. An overexcited dog is jumping up, panting, and can’t stop moving around. This is pent-up energy. Hyperactively energetic dogs are often among the hardest cases to rehabilitate. Hyperactive energy fosters other issues as well, such as fixation and obsession.

Photo by Frank Bruynbrook