I finished my tour in #Germany on Sunday in #Mannheim, it was the culmination of 8 truly amazing, sold-out shows. I want to thank the people of Hannover, Köln, Oberhausen, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, and Mannheim for your support and love. Read my full message of thanks on my Facebook page. Eine Botschaft der Dank, meine wunderbaren Deutschen Packung: http://facebook.com/Cesar.Millan ❤️✌️ #CesarMillanLive

Did you know my meditation pond was designed by the #PondStars in a yin-yang shape? #SoSpecial ✌️ Watch my friends work their craft in a new Pond Stars episode tonight at 10/9c on @NatGeoWILD 🐠🔭

One of my office Pack members recently got a #Doberman puppy. Here she is, little Liberty. 🗽 Has anyone else recently added a puppy to their family? When your dog first comes to live with you, put him in his crate or kennel every night for the first week. This will get him accustomed to the new surroundings while providing limits… If you’re a person who wants your dog to sleep in bed with you, fine. It’s natural for dogs to sleep with other members of the pack, and it’s a powerful way to bond with your animal. But don’t let the dog take over the bed. Keep the rules clear. You invite the dog into the bedroom. Get in the bed for a few minutes, and then signal that your dog can come up. You choose the portion of the bed that the dog sleeps on. Sweet dreams! 💤🐾

Walking has been at the core of our bond with dogs since they were first domesticated, making it the most important thing we do with them. But that can be hard to manage with a hectic schedule. How do you fit the dog walk into your daily routine?

Berlin with Mr. Benson and Junior. Dogs fulfill us in so many ways. They fill in for human companions when we’re lonely. They keep us company on our morning walks. They give us something living, soft, and warm to cuddle with. They serve as alarm clocks, burglar alarms, and sentries… We don’t ask them to do these things, but they do. They can’t speak and ask us for what they need. So giving them simple things like exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order — will go a long way toward thanking our dogs for everything they bring to our lives.